What Are The Maintenance Responsibilities Of Tenants and Landlords in the UAE?

The majority of rental, lease, property, and facility management companies have a basic maintenance programme in place to prevent any unexpected breakdowns that cause inconvenience to their tenants, residents, or clients, although maintenance issues remain in rental properties as well. There is a shared responsibility to resolve the problem between the tenant and the landlord in that case. Landlords are responsible for maintaining their properties to a standard that ensures tenants live in a safe and clean environment and so do the tenants.

What Are The Landlord’s Responsibilities?

Being a property landlord entails ensuring that the facilities are habitable for their tenants. The list of duties for which landlords are responsible is as follows; this list may vary depending on the type and location of the property.

  • Maintenance Requests

Residents can submit maintenance requests whenever problems arise.  The requisition can be in written, voice, or e-mail form. The landlord is responsible for responding to them within a reasonable time frame.

  • Safety Maintenance

The landlord is responsible for keeping every basic structure of the building safe. Floors, stairs, walls, equipment, assets, and roofs are all included in the liability. The property’s management must recheck and remove any potentially hazardous materials.

  • Emergency Checklist

Before renting out the property, Landlords must ensure that all of the emergency exits are operational and free of obstructions. Management should give them all emergency precautions. For instance, If the property has a swimming pool, place rescue equipment such as life jackets and ropes to ensure safety.

  • Compliance Regulation

The landlord of the property or lease must maintain a secure database for compliance regulation. Every document associated with tenants and the organisation must be stored, accessed, and handled by the database. Tenancy contracts, bank statements, and maintenance records stored securely are examples of records.

What Are The Tenant’s Responsibilities?

The tenants who live in the property are also responsible for maintaining and preserving the property in good condition.

  • Asset Maintenance

The tenant’s primary responsibility is to be respectful of the property’s assets and all objects. Use the equipment or appliances only for their intended purpose. It is also their responsibility to keep them clean and in good working order.

  • Report Any Issues

Inform maintenance management of the problems, and the service request will include plumbing, heating, gas, cooling, or ventilation categories right away. Instant recovery can help reduce equipment downtime while also lowering repair costs.

  • Waste Management

Tenants are responsible for keeping the area in and around their property clean. They should dispose of trash on a regular basis and not at random, but rather in their designated location. Proper disposal can drastically reduce pest infestations.

  • Abide By The Law

Know your responsibilities and rights as a resident before purchasing the property, as meeting your legal obligations is critical to a successful tenancy. Always keep track of contract expiration dates, bank account information, and other reference documents on hand for any reference process.

To Conclude

Dubai’s architecture has foreseen a rapid transformation from low-lying buildings to being home to the world’s tallest structure. A business set up in Dubai for a maintenance company can be up and running in no time. Buildings do not come without maintenance, so opening up a world of potential clients is obviously one of the most compelling reasons to start a building maintenance company in Dubai, but it is not the sole reason!

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